Pagoda House Peonies

What Color Is It Really?

Color is very difficult to describe.  People see color differently and monitors show color differently.  Moreover, peonies are living things; their colors have layers and dimension.  That said, here are a few rules that we think most growers would agree with.


Pure White.  The petals of some white peonies have red edging or flecks.  We think this is very beautiful, but sometimes you want a completely white peony.  “Pure” white refers to a peony with no red edging or flecks.  Both of the white peonies we grow are pure white.

White or Blush.  Many pure white peonies start blush and open white.  Of the two white peonies we grow, Dr. F.G. Brethour tends to be more blush in the bud stage than Henry Sass.  Both open white.  

Red or Fuchsia.  Flowers that we would consider to be hot pink or fuchsia are often called red.  Red Charm is a true red with hints of magenta.

How Will My Peonies Be Picked And Stored?

During growing season, we walk our fields several times a day (and an Alaskan summer day is very long) to spot buds ready for picking.  We place the freshly-picked buds in our chiller to immediately bring down the field heat, which stops the peony from opening.  The peonies are kept in our chiller until they are ready to ship directly to you.

How Will My Peonies Be Packed?

We pad our shipping boxes and include frozen gel packs to keep your peonies cool during transport.

How Will My Peonies Be Shipped?

We ship via Federal Express overnight on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  All shipping and handling charges are included in the price of your peonies.  If you are purchasing a large volume of stems or would like to use your own shipping account, contact us for alternate pricing and shipping arrangements.  We will consider special shipping arrangements on request.

What Arrangements Should I Make To Receive My Peonies?

Please track your order and make sure that someone is available to take delivery of your peonies when they are scheduled to arrive.  If you are receiving your peonies when the temperature is 85 degrees or more, we suggest that you pick up your peonies at the FedEx office as soon as they arrive. 

What Should I Do When My Peonies Arrive?

Open your order immediately.  Cut one inch off each stem at an angle and place the stems in room temperature water.  

What Should I Do If My Shipment Is Damaged Or Lost?

If your shipment is damaged or lost through the fault of FedEx, we will replace it if we have peonies available or refund your purchase price.

What Should I Do If There Is A Problem With My Peonies?

Contact us within 24 hours of receiving your order with photographs of the problem.  We will work with you to resolve it.

What About The Legal Stuff?