Coral Charm Peony Side View
  • Coral Charm Or Pink Hawaiian Coral - Free Shipping

    The blooms on both Coral Charm and Hawaaiian Coral start a bright, almost flamingo color. 


    What makes Coral Charm so elegant is its form.  The petals, which are large and smooth, curve inward to form a shape similar to the bowl of a wine glass.  The blooms hold their color a long time, eventually fading to a light apricot.  Coral Charm is the 1986 American Peony Society Gold Medal winner (awarded for the most exceptional peony variety) and the 2003 and 2006 Best in Show winner (awarded for the best individual flower at the Society's annual exhibition).


    Hawaaiian Coral is slightly fuller and its petals are slightly frillier.  The blooms begin to fade faster, fading to a light cream, but the color transition is what many enthusiasts like best about this peony.


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